The other indoor environment is our home, as such it provides a cozy, “homey” , safe feel. We will read, play games, learn, dance and make music, nap and sometimes eat in here.  We shift to this space mainly during naps and times of inclement/extreme weather or times of hazardous air quality. We embarked on a remodel/2 story expansion to our home in June 2015.  Nearly finished we now have more indoor play space and two dedicated rooms; playspaces and a bathroom just for LittleLiving.

Our dedicated Nursery/Nap room allows infants to rest in cribs while soothing music plays softly and peaceful images dance on the ceiling.  This room also is the darkest and most quiet room in the house.  Toddlers sleep on cots with woolie blankets.   The Facilitator can keep a watchful eye over "escapees" or offer soothing pats or story time to those having trouble resting.  A quiet activity station  is nearby for those who aren't sleepy, but need the relaxing time. 

Our Bamboo Bathroom features everything needed for potty training, hand washing and tooth brushing practice. We also have a Blue Flower Mini Bathroom with a toilet and sink for Potty training.

Our Living Room features Our Cozy Corner/ Secret Space under the Stairs and another dedicated play area with several bookshelf cubbies full of toys, learning manipulatives and books.

Our home was set up using earthy, calming design elements, mindful placement of furnishings, natural light and beautiful garden views.