Our outdoor garden rooms provide opportunity for great flexibility.  We can close our selves in any one of  four enclosed spaces to focus on an activity or open them up for free movement between each of them.  We can set up our play and work stations in any of these spaces depending on how we feel and what area inspires us.  We will dine outdoors as often as we can.  Raised planters and plant pots are home to our vegetable and flower gardens that the children will plant, tend and harvest.

Each of our gardens are full of native and butterfly and hummingbird attracting plants and flowers.  Your little one’s imagination can run wild as they  experience many textures, colors, shapes and wildlife forms.  Slugs, snails, lizards, bugs, bees, crickets and birds are abound.  

We have walls for sitting or walking on, hidden garden nooks, built in concrete benches with comfy pillows and cushions, mosaics, statues and art displayed, pebble gardens, large sandbox, rubber mulchbox, climbing fort and slide and kid sized chairs and benches and riding toys.  

LittleLiving’s front yard is sheltered by a huge shady elm tree with mottled bark.  It is home to several types of birds and it drops its leaves in the fall, providing opportunity for a bit of  leaf  pile jumping.