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  • Are you licensed?

    Yes. We have a small family home license through the CA DSS.  Our license number is 376623537.  Here is the link to the CA DSS website: http://ccld.ca.gov/PG524.htm

  • How many children will you care for?

    We are licensed to care for up to 8 children following state guidelines on age/capacity.  We generally care for 2 - 4 children at a time, with 1 - 2 infant spots (2 yrs and under) and 1 - 2 (2 and older - 4 years old) respectively for a maximum total of 2 littles.  

  • Do you offer discounts?

    As a rule no.  Since we are a small facility it becomes very difficult for us to offer everyone a discounted rate, while maintaining our high standards of care and instruction.  We will however consider each family individually and we do offer "Special Offers" from time to time.

  • Why is there a 2 weeks non refundable deposit?

    When you enroll, we hold your child's spot and turn other people away.  We have committed to your family, we appreciate the same respect in return.  We understand you need to find the right fit for your family, but please do your homework first.  Your deposit is an insurance of your decision to sign up with us and honor the contracted terms.  If you decide before you start not to sign up; we suffer a loss of business-- yours and those clients we turned away.  This is a security deposit, similar to the security deposit you are required to provide a housing rental.  In order to get the money back at the end of your agreement, you must follow the terms of your contract.

  • Do you have openings for my child?

    We are sorry to report LittleLiving is closed for business.  We are starting a new adventure in Bed and Breakfast hosting, writing and mosaic tiling classes.  We apologize that our LittleLiving site is still up while we make our transfer to our new business.

    Please come back to this site FilteredLiving.com, to  change your view with a stay in one of our Bed and Breakfast Suites, a mosaic tile class or to peruse our green living tips or enjoy a blog read.

  • What age children are accepted into your programs at LittleLiving?

    We care for children aged 6 weeks - 4 years old.  We are an Infant/Toddler/Preschool facility.

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