LittleLiving's Programs use play based, emergent curriculum and are geared toward nurturing the youngest members of our community -- infants/toddlers, aged 6 weeks to preschool aged children up to age 4 years old.  Infants are provided plenty of love during feedings, play and cuddle time.

Infants/Toddlers are gently guided toward meeting important developmental milestones from belly time, to sitting, crawling, standing, walking to running; from peek a boo, pointing, babbling, ABC's, talking to reading; from sorting, matching, stacking, lacing and rolling, catching, throwing to engaging in organized games/sports activities.

Toddlers/Preschoolers will continue their development and refinement in these areas toward mastery in fine/gross motor skills, knowledge of written and numerical symbols, reading, social skills and readiness for all subjects in kindergarten and life.