LittleLiving is a Reggio Emilia inspired Infant/Toddler Learning Center and Daycare.  Here your little one can wonder, marvel, explore, discover, delight, share, learn, play and socialize with peers, adults, animals and nature. Here our Facilitators; you, the parent, and the children collaborate.  As a team we build a solid educational foundation for your child.  Keen observation, individualized plans and documentation via projects and portfolios ensure each child's developmental milestones are reached.  Through early identification of any learning or developmental issues, we can ensure proper adjustments and support can be put into place prior to a cycle of frustration.   Our play based, emergent curriculum uncovers the children's interests and the pathways through which to immerse them in various subjects-- science, math, language, art, music, movement and social studies.  Together we empower our children to be independent, well rounded, well socialized, caretakers of our planet and each other. LittleLiving provides a clean, safe, homey, nature infused space for children to thrive, learn, play and BE little and Become all they dream to.