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Today I am a Writer

June 25th, 2019 by April Brooks-Dresman

After a lifetime of dreaming of being a "Writer" someday, despite already doing so in various capacities, it has at last occurred to me that I already am a "Writer".  I've been writing since I was a child and graduated with a BA in English from university.  I've written creatively for myself-- letters, poems, a play, short stories, blogging a little and started a novel.  I've done research writing, copywriting, blogging, every type of business writing, technical writing, editing and proofreading in marketing, business administration,  aerospace, marketing, veterinary practices, construction/design and teaching. 

How did I suddenly decide to acknowledge I am a Writer?  Well I find myself in the unique position of "living the dream".  I recently closed my daycare business of 6 years, so I could slow down and run our Bed and Breakfast we've been planning for the last 4 years.  I should be over the moon with all of my free time to keep the garden and property in resort quality shape.

Rather than fully enjoying what I've worked toward,  I instead frantically apply for jobs, go on interviews and substitute teach.  I can't settle into this semi-retired from the business world mode.  I realize I've been in shock since I closed my business and kicked into my survival default mode: I must "go to work".  I've consistently worked for pay since I was 9 years old (newspaper delivery and babysitting, ha), then at full time jobs or at my own business with regular clients.  Now that I'm officially a free agent, it seems everyone around me has a new job or has gotten a promotion.  I find myself feeling "lazy or useless"; I don't know why.  Our place hasn't looked this good in years.  Some heavy landscaping and organizing is complete. Tasks previously left undone are now complete.  I still  bring in money: via substitute teaching and a renter in one of our studios, in fact I'm bringing in more than I was making just prior to closing my daycare.  At last have time to do the things I have been dreaming of doing-- organizing, gardening, hosting a BnB, baking, cooking, working part time if I feel like it, taking a Spanish class, creating mosaic tile pieces and writing.  

Yes!  Writing!  I have time to do that now.  So on June 19, I accepted a writing assignment, attended an event and wrote an article  for a local Paper, the North County Daily Star.  This article can be found in that paper: http://ncdailystar.com/a-vegetarian-samples-a-taste-of-vista/  or here in this blog  "A Vegetarian Samples A Taste of Vista".  I've submitted some ideas to the owner/editor and plan on publishing more articles for that paper and others.  I started writing on this blog again. I am going to write something every day.  I am working on my Freelance Writer profile. I am looking for paid writing jobs.  I am learning to enjoy my "free" time.  Having filtered my old toxic "default survival mode" in favor of a fresh clean outlook, I trust it will work out and I'm on my way to new adventures as a BnB host and a Writer.  


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